Thursday, 15 December 2011

About my Poster

I created my poster using both Photoshop and Illustrator, this brought together elements of my last two projects into a larger pice of design work. I really enjoyed this project, and am thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

I used Photoshop to create the main body of the poster, and Illustrator in order to put together the film festival logos. The similarities in the software really helps when it comes to using both simultaneously.

I took inspiration from the original movie poster for various elements of my poster, for example the colour scheme, (although yellow and blue would appear an obvious choice for a film called Submarine).
I think that the use of red, helps to create a contrast to the yellow, which I felt that if used for all the text might be a bit much on the eye.

Before I started designing I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve which meant that I was able to start designing straight away. The image of the main character sat in the bath tub is one that really stands out in the film and this is why I chose to use it. Cropping the picture and making sure all the lines were smooth was probably the most time consuming element of the design process, but it had to be done, in order to make the image sit well on the background without looking scruffy.

The text going down horizontally was partly inspired by the text on the original poster where the text is broken up into sections. I like the idea of text, laid out slightly differently, as I think it draws attention to it straight away, and makes it really stands out.

Although the font I chose may appear to be quite basic, this is what I wanted to achieve. I did a lot of playing around with fonts however, came to the conclusion that I liked the simplistic style of the font and it fits in well with the style of the poster as a whole.

I also spent a lot of time trying to get the alignment of the poster right, after not paying much attention to this early on in the design, it became clear towards the end that the poster would have a lot crisper and neater feel if everything was properly aligned. Therefore all the text and images are fully aligned, although this may not be greatly noticeable, I think that it really helps the poster as a whole come together.

Overall I am really pleased with my final design, and thoroughly enjoyed this project. I would like to think that I have created a poster that represents the film well, while being well designed and original. This is the project that I have enjoyed most and am most pleased with so far. I think this could be down to an increased confidence in using the software and in my ability to create good design work.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Movie Poster

I have decided that I am going to design a poster for Submarine. This is because I watched it recently and really enjoyed it! I also like the original poster, so to create my own version seems like a fun challenge.

Movie Poster Inspiration

I have been researching on the internet using various different blogs and websites for inspiration for my poster design. I found some really useful websites containing some brilliant fan-made designs for movie posters. I love the originality of these designs, they manage to be very subtle and simplistic while representing the films really well.
Here are some of the websites that I visited:

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Logo Designs

For my logo design project I choose to design a logo for Wayne Enterprises from Batman. This wasn't for any particular reason other than I watched The Dark Knight recently and I thought it would be a good logo to design.
This is the logo that is used for Wayne Enterprises in the Batman films and comics. It is quite a simple black and white logo, which I think works well to represent the type if company that Wayne Enterprises is.

I designed my logos using Adobe Illustrator. It was my first time using this software and after I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed using it.

My aim was to create a design which took inspiration from the current logo however, remained original and represented the company well. For these reasons I stuck to a simplistic black and white design, incorporating the companies initials and using this as the basis for my design.

I ended up creating 3 different logos, due to the experimental nature of the project. Here they are in the order that I created them:

This was my first time using Illustrator, and for a first attempt at designing a logo I'm fairly pleased with this effort. I think that it works quite well however, I think that the very simple shape of the W and E let it down slightly. I also think that I could have chosen a better font for the Wayne Enterprises piece of text as I don't think that it sits as well as it could next to the W and E. 

I think that my second logo shows and increased confidence in using the software, as the shape of the lettering becomes slightly more complicated. I am happy with this design, and believe that it is an improvement on my first attempt. I think that the font chosen for the main text sits a lot better than the first design and this enables the logo as a whole to come together better.

My third and final design is defiantly my favorite, and the one that I think works the best. It is the one that takes most inspiration from the original Wayne Enterprises logo in the shape and use of the W, however I think that this works in it's favor and I have still managed to put my own stamp on it. I think that the W works really well on its own and without the E and the logo looks slightly less crowded. I also think the font that I chose works the best out of all 3 designs and the text sits in the right place in the logo as a whole.

Overall I have really enjoyed this project, once I got to grips with Illustrator, I was confident that I could create a quality logo, which I feel by the end of it I managed to do. I think my 3 designs demonstrate my increased confidence in using the software, and the final result is a good one. In the future I believe I will be much more comfortable using Illustrator and hopefully with a bit of practice my skills will improve further.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Album Covers

For my first project I had to design an album over for a fictional band and album. The band name, title of the album and the image were all randomly generated using the internet, for example, the title of a random Wikepedia entry became the band name. This was the first time I had used the Photoshop software, and to begin with it was a challenge.

For my first time using the software, I'm fairly happy with how my designs turned out. There is things I would probably change if I did this again however, such as the fonts I used and possibly the positioning of the text.

The first design is my favorite out of the two, this is because I like the saturation of the image, and think this works well with the type of picture it is. I positioned the text in the top right picture of the image on both designs, because that is where the woman in the appears to be looking, possibly to something in the sky, I wanted to give the impression that she was looking up to the text.

I find that the second image is a bit dark, on one hand I think this works well to create a different mood to the album cover however, on the other I think that this doesn't work well on an image of this nature.
Overall I am pretty pleased with the result of this project, and think that for my first time using Photoshop I managed to create two respectable efforts. This was a good introduction to the software and I think I will be more confident using it in the future.